Winning bidders will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange shipping and to provide final price including commission, shipping, and taxes and duties when applicable. Promotion codes cannot be applied to auction works. For Artspace Auctions winning bidders are charged a 15% Buyer’s Premium on top of the hammer price.

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  • The index outperformed in 2021, and, while the data isn’t out yet, it likely outperformed in the first half of 2022 as well.
  • Perhaps consider displaying pictures of your painting in a gallery or a class you’ve taught.
  • You may also want to buy a nice frame or another type of display mechanism for your artwork.
  • I have made a number of very attractive and beautiful handmade artsy also including the beautiful Arabic Calligraphy.

To succeed on Facebook, you must generate a lot of content that will keep users engaged. Many artists also find success with giveaways and competition, which are both tactics when you need to attract mass attention for your masterpieces. If you are interested in reaching the widest audience possible, then you need to seriously look into selling in the Facebook marketplace. Facebook is a social platform that is constantly growing. Additionally, mobile users spend more than one hour a day on Facebook, so you stand a great chance of attracting customers to your Facebook art store. Now that you’ve thought about the type of art that you should sell, the next natural step will involve figuring out how to sell it.

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From handmade pieces to vintage treasures ready to be loved again, Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s also home to a whole host of one-of-a-kind items made with love and extraordinary care. While many of the items on Etsy are handmade, you’ll also find craft supplies, digital items, and more. Gender discrimination emerged in both these experiments.

What If I Dont Like An Artwork That Ive Bought Online?

Making a large purchase can be scary, but it’s always best to come ready with a set budget in mind. This doesn’t have to be concrete, but it’s smart to at least have a rough idea of a price point you want to stick to. This is also means you’re able to apply filters and browse artworks around that particular price point. Once you begin your search for the perfect piece, you’ll quickly be able to gauge what options exist within your budget. Making a living as an artist used to be challenging, but not anymore. Artists now have more access to online platforms that can allow them to sell their wares online than ever before.

Baltic Club is a one-stop shop for home decor, and they have a nice selection of quirky art prints. They offer contemporary works of art featuring animals, plants, florals, city scenes, and more. All the pieces have a fresh feel and are sure to liven up any room. While you’re shopping, make sure to check out the rest of their offerings, including frames, vases, textiles, and stationary. If you’re anything like us, you rely on Etsy for all things home decor—cool paintings and artwork are no exception. Etsy offers every type of art you can imagine, from stunning black-and-white photography to bespoke oil paintings.

Sir Eduardo Luigi Paolozzi CBE RA (7 March 1924 – 22 April 2005) was a Scottish sculptor and artist. He is widely considered to be one of the pioneers of pop art. That doesn’t mean major auction houses haven’t gotten on board — this past March’s eye-watering $69 million Beeple sale at Christie’s cemented the marketability of NFTs in the art world. ”Our aspiration with Platform is to present a really diverse, accurate snapshot of the very best of what’s out there.”

Below is a small list of the artists that we are buying art from, but we certainly aren’t limited to this list. Our fine art buying has no limits, and anything of value will always be considered. It may increase in worth, or it may be as salable as your kid’s pasta-filled craft project. Pop art is an art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s in Britain and the late 1950s in the United States.

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It’s possible to generate positive returns from investing in art by being selective, diversifying your collection, and holding pieces for the long term. Art investors should expect returns more comparable to those of bonds and not the market-beating returns touted by the art indices. The art market is not highly correlated with the stock or bond markets. That’s exactly what investors should be looking for when diversifying their assets. No matter what the financial markets are doing — moving up or trending down — the art market isn’t affected very much. While both stocks and bonds were declining in the first half of 2022, art auctions were setting new record prices.

Derek Boshier is an English pop artist works in various media including painting, drawing, collage, photography, film and sculpture. Parlor users only have to be lightly committed, signing up for a 3- to 12-month lease, with the option to renew, purchase or swap for a new piece at the end. Parlor handles installation and insurance, and also offers guidance on how to build a collection.

In addition to photography, sculptures, and paintings, you’ll find hand-beaded masterpieces, like the one featured above—every one of those vibrant pills was created by weaving bead onto linen. Spacey Studios offers archival-quality framed prints in limited-edition rounds of 25 pieces from a curation of emerging North American and European artists. Prints can be customized with different frame colors and sizes, and the platform also facilitates commissions with artists represented in its collection. Katie’s impressionist and highly-textured pieces focus on seascapes and botanical landscapes, using palette knives to bring these pieces to life.